• Welcome to The Grift, a show about con artists and the lives they ruin. Best-selling author and New Yorker writer Maria Konnikova takes us to the darker side of human nature and deceit. Ten stories about card sharks, cult leaders, art forgers, impostors and more. Why do we fall for them time and time again?

    Episode 1 : Fast Jack, the Card Shark

    "Fast Jack" Farrell is one of the greatest card and dice manipulators of the twentieth century. Read more

    Released 4/4/17

    Episode 2 : 好用的梯子

    The only thing Ken Perenyi loved as much as art was swindling the art world. Read more

    Released 4/11/17

    Episode 3 : Self-Made Heiress

    Cassie Chadwick excelled at impersonating high society royalty—and at getting everyone in her path to shower her with cash. Read more

    Released 4/18/17

    Episode 4 : The Religion of the Black Dog

    A cult survivor tells us her dark story of abuse and manipulation at the hands of the charismatic cult leader. 爬墙梯子

    Released 4/25/17

    Episode 5 : 爬墙梯子外网

    Maria talks with the Atlantic’s Emily Yoffe about the most common grift of them all: the sweetheart scam. Read more

    Released 5/2/17

    Episode 6 : The One Who Almost Got Away

    Sam Israel not only ran one of the most successful Ponzi schemes in history, he would eventually go on to the most extreme con there is. Read more

    Released 5/9/17

    Episode 7 : For a Small Investment…

    Oscar Hartzell, born to humble beginnings, would go on to craft one of the most elaborate and successful mail fraud cons of all time. Read more

    Released 5/16/17

    Episode 8 : Psychic Faith

    Lyla was just looking for a ride home from the mall when she met a woman who would nearly ruin her life. Read more

    Released 5/23/17

    Episode 9 : Crooked Carnival

    Peter Fenton had two careers as a con artist. In his youth, he ran the crooked games at a traveling carnival. Read more

    Released 5/30/17

    Episode 10 : The Greatest Impostor

    Ferdinand Demara is quite possibly the greatest con artist you’ve never heard of. Read more

    Released 6/6/17
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